Space Shuttle Discovery OV-103 solar shield insulation artifact

This piece of thermal solar shield (insulation blanket) was taken from the orbiter vehicle 103 "Discovery". In 1996 the solar shield with the material number MB-0135-076 was removed after the shuttle flight STS- 70. The solar shield was flown from July 13-22 1995. It traveled 142 orbits and 3.7 million miles in the payload bay, section RH lower, bay 1. Discovery underwent an Orbiter Maintenance Period (OMP) in Palmdale. During this OMP the insulation blanket was removed and replaced by a new one. In October 2004 it was declared as scrap.

The Rockwell ID Number of this item, which states the TCS beeing originally flown in space is: VO70-362445-149 .
Due to the origin, a copy of the remove and scrap declaration can be seen in the following images:



Space Shuttle Endeavour OV-105 payload bay thermal blanket artifact

This artifact is presented by the Topps American Heritage Heros of Space Flight card collection. The relict card with the reference number HSFR-SSE7 includes a piece of thermal payload bay blanket, which was officially flown on a Space Shuttle mission. It is framed in an acrylic skid. Just 300 specimens of this relict card exist worldwide.


SPACELAB module MD001 flown wiring

Another relict card by Topps American Heritage Heros of Space Flight presents anuthentic wiring, removed from the Spacelab module MD001. After the Space Shuttle mission STS-94 MSL-1R in July 1997, the Spacelab module MD001 was displayed in the Dulles International Airport near Washington D.C. During the disassamblement of the scientific racks of the module, this wiring was taken as a commemorative item.  750 specimens of this relict card exist. Also this card is framed in an acrylic skid. Reference No.: HSFR-SL


SPACELAB module MD002 flown insulation liner

These fragments of thermal insulation liner were taken from the SPACELAB MD002 module after its final flight on Neurolab STS-90 in May 1998. Today the european SPACELAB module MD002 is displayed in the "Bremer Hallen" at the International Airport Bremen / Germany. Relicts of the MD002 module are very rare concerning artifacts of the MD001 module.



STS 65 - Apollo 11 25th anniversary flown flag

These small flag seems to be flown abouard the Space Shuttle Columbia on STS-65 intended to the Apollo 11 25th anniversary presentation. Originally this flag comes with an certificatin / presentation card.  The flag was owned due to a Nasa employee. Therefore It is possible that this flag is one of the flown ones, but comes without any c.o.a. Currently there is an investigation running on collectSPACE


Apollo 15 lunar flown graphite mark
This presentation card includes an affixed marking with the original graphite that was carried aboard Apollo 15. It was used during the flight as well as in the LEM on the moon. The pencil was an official fight equipment with the Serial SEB 12100081-301 S/N 1019. The Graphite mark comes with a Certification of Authenticity.


STS-85 Discovery flown payload liner

This framed material once lined the payloadbay from Space Shutle Discovery on mission STS-85, from August 7th to 19th 1997. The NOMEX fabric flew inside the payloadbay section 3 nearly 190 orbits stating 4.7 billion statute miles around earth.


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