Flown items

Flown items

An item is described as flown when the item itself or parts either components of the item were in space.
This section is divided into flown coins & medallions as well as into flown relicts, presented as flown hardware.

The coins and medallions are made in part, or minted of down melted space flown hardware. Therefore the value of each coin or medallion is specific. They include historic milestones of manned spaceflight. Also the number of minted quantities reflects the valu

Just the Widauer collection of coins and medallions amounts into
 the triple-digit range and includes some of the rarest minted objects.

The flown relicts or artifacts are directly removed from spacecrafts. All artifacts come withe a certification of authencity.

As in every passion or hobby there is an endless motivation...  So this collection is steadily growing.

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